Our Beers

A pale straw colored 100% American Lager.  This crisp, clean, and exceptionally clear throw-back lager might inspire yard work, sitting by the pool, or an evening of telling tales about the "way things used to be."           

5.4% ABV - 24 IBUs


An American Pale Ale - Hops and malt in harmony; each determined not to overpower the other.  The General's citrus hop flavor is neatly balanced by sweet crystal malt.  Delivered clean and clear.

5.9% ABV - 40 IBUs


Not your typical Amber.  Complex malts and zesty hops create a full and smooth bodied, moderately hopped, experience of deliciousness.

6% ABV - 32 IBUs

A dark and rich / smooth and creamy American style porter.  Pours with a complex cacao/coffee nose and persistent head.  Restrained hop character rounds out this intensely flavorful beer.

6.7% ABV - 28 IBUs


A big, juicy, abundantly hopped double IPA.  Hops of citrus, floral, passion fruit, stone fruit, and pine.  No bitter...just pure volume and persistent hop flavor.

8% ABV - N/A IBUs


A deep copper, malty, and clean Dunkle Bock.  Mild caramel and toffee flavors found just under a creamy head.  This bock is layered for a crisp taste and is well-balanced with a medium bodied mouthfeel.

5.9% ABV - 24 IBUs

This crystal clear Mexican lager is crisp, refreshing, and disappears quickly.  Mild lime aroma lingers just past the point you realize your class is empty.


5.4% ABV - 24 IBUs


Holiday pie in a glass… extra chocolate is balanced with the subtle richness of locally sourced West Texas pecans in this somewhat sweet and deeply flavorful Porter.


A traditional American Stout is blended abundantly with Jolliff cold brew coffee to create a drinkable beer perfect for long, cold West Texas winter nights.


Description coming soon.