Our Beers



American Lager · 5.2% ABV · 22 IBUs

A beer for Texas beer drinkers. This crisp, clean, and clear throw-back Lager might inspire sitting on a tractor, repairing a downed fence, or an evening of telling tales about the way things used to be.



Big Daddy Darryl

Double IPA · 8.1% ABV · 50 IBUs

Darryl is a memorable Hereford bull who demands attention—strong and intimidating with a big attitude—igniting the legacy of “Big Daddy Darryl.” This double IPA was built in his legacy. Big daddy tropical hops are added in big daddy bunches to pair with sweet malt and persistent character. This is the one beer that can carry the “Big Daddy Darryl” title.



Big Chief Bock

Bock · 5.7% ABV · 24 IBUs

Big Chief will grip your hand tight, look you in the eye, and offer a memorable greeting. This deep copper, malty, and bold Dunkle Bock is named after him. Upfront caramel and toffee flavors give way to a dry and clean finish. This bock is lagered for a refreshing taste and balanced with zesty hops.



Gunsight Hefeweizen

Hefeweizen · 5.8% ABV · 12 IBUs

Ever been to that place where you were certain something big happened? Maybe important; maybe dangerous. Gunsight, TX is one of those places. This beer is modeled after the German Weissbier; or “hef.” It is hazy and golden with light lemon flavor and captures the historic importance of doing things the right way; for the right reasons.



Mexican Style Lager

5.4% ABV · 24 IBUs

This crystal clear Mexican style lager is crisp, refreshing, and disappears quickly. Mild lime aroma lingers just past the point you realize your glass is empty.



Big Dam Porter

American Porter · 6.7% ABV · 34 IBUs

In Cisco, its “Big Dam.” Originally for the world’s biggest hollow concrete dam. Later for the Big Dam Loboes and their High School football dominance. This dark and rich/smooth and creamy American style Porter pours with a complex cacao-coffee nose and deep roasty complexity for Big Dam flavor.



Pecan Pete

Pecan Porter · 7.5 % ABV · 31 IBUs

Pete is likable and honest. His roots are deep in Texas. He has a sweet tooth and craves pe-cans. He will tell you about them with a grin and passion. This is Pete’s beer--sweet with lots of roasted pecans built on an American style Porter to satisfy the fall craving for something found on MeeMaw's table.



Slowpoke Joe

Coffee Lager · 5.2% ABV · 18 IBUs

Slowpoke Joe embodies the steadfast spirit alive in small west Texas towns. He’s a quiet, assured gentleman, who is not in a rush and responds sharply in the face of danger. He etches a place in your memory at first introduction. So does this beer. We’ve taken a classic—the American Lager—and added Slowpoke Farm small batch cold brew coffee for an instant classic. Beer and coffee. Unique and memorable—just like Slowpoke Joe.



Other Brother Darryl

IPA · 6% ABV · 40 IBUs

Big Daddy Darryl is a Hereford Bull and has many sons named Darryl. We’re not sure which this IPA is named after, but think it’s the other one. This offspring of our popular Big Daddy Darryl DIPA has tropical hops and fruit character.



Three Star Stout

Milk Stout · ABV 7.3% · 30 IBUs

“Known simply as “The three star” was a man convinced the fight for freedom is worth fighting for. He was bold, well spoken, and loved. On his desk was a sign that read “always with honor.” This milk stout is named for him, to awaken the memory of his life and celebrate with joy. Made with honor and bold in appearance is a sweet milk stout with rich and complex aroma.”



Three Star Stout with Bourbon Pecans

Milk Stout · ABV 7.3%

“Known simply as “The Three Star” was a man convinced the fight for freedom is worth fighting for. He was bold, well spoken, and loved. On his desk was a sign that read “always with honor.” This milk stout is named for him, to awaken the memory of his life and celebrate with joy. Starting with our base milk stout this release has been infused with bourbon aged pecans.”



Darryl’s Mom

Milkshake IPA · ABV 7%

“Who is that boy’s momma?” Muscles strong and stature thick, Big Daddy Darryl gets recognized. But before Big Daddy, Darryl’s Mom introduced juicy haze and deliciously sweet hop flavor. Light & hazy in color and made with lactose, vanilla beans, Citra, Sabro, and Idaho 7 hops, Darryl’s Mom has got it going on.



31 Ten

Amber Ale · ABV 5.3%

Two wives. Two Ambers. Building a brewery on the foundation of connection and family requires intense ties to the woman we love. This beer is for them, honors them, and celebrates the proclamation of Proverbs 31:10. A beautiful amber hue is built on biscuity and rich malt. Then, hops of citrus, spice, and honey perfectly balance this beer for lasting satisfaction. This is the type of Amber you can commit to for the long run.




Juicy Pale Ale · ABV 5.5%

Every story has a beginning. This is Big Daddy Darryl’s. Before growing into a huge tropical hopped Double IPA (and Hereford bull), he was this hazy, golden, juicy, hop forward pale ale reminiscent of summertime juice. And at 5.5% ABV, with this Darryl, you can hang around a while.



Lajitas Pepper Lager

Border Town Lager · ABV 5.2% · 22 IBUs

Lajitas is a historic Texas town on the Rio Grande overlooking Mexico and surrounded by little flat rocks. It is known for being hot. This beer is hot, too. Locally grown Sante Fe Grande peppers give this “border town Lager” distinct and pleasing scratchy heat.



Margarita Gose

Summer Gose-style Ale · 5.2% ABV · 7 IBUs

There is that moment when winter fades and you enjoy a glimpse of warm sun and get excited about the season that is to come. The Margarita Gose was created for shedding winter, grabbing a patio, and catching a little summer. Subtle lime and salt flavor is balanced the margarita way—sweet and refreshing.


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